The Extraordinary Gardener


Author: Sam Boughton

Joe is a boy just like any other, but Joe loves to imagine. Joe lives in a pretty ordinary tower block, in a rather ordinary city. His world is rather grey. However, he spends his time imagining a wonderful world filled with exotic plants and unusual animals. One day Joe decides to plant a seed on his balcony, he waits andwaits but nothing happens! Joe gives up and goes back to his daily life, but one day when he least expects it he spots that the seed has turned into the most beautiful tree. Joe begins caring for the tree and growing lots of other plants on his balcony and soon everyone in the neighbourhood is getting involved. A charming story about the important of nature, teaching us that if we work hard enough our dreams really can come true!

Format Paperback 
ISBN 9781849766890
Number of pages 32
Width 209 Millimeters
Thickness 8 Millimeters
Height 261 Millimeters
Unit weight 160 Grams