People and Planet

It's easy to get carried away with children's products, there is just so much out there, it's overwhelming!

At Forest of Play we took a step back to look at the bigger picture and focused in both Less is More and Quality over Quantity. Buying with intention and conscience makes sense for our planet and for the people who make our products.

Everything we buy has an impact on Mother Earth and whilst we can't completely override this reality, we can minimise it by answering a few questions with every purchase we make:

Was it made ethically? Are people being paid a fair living wage to make this? Are the materials used sustainably sourced? Can I pass this on when I'm done with it or is it going to landfill? Can it be recycled? If not made from natural materials (like plastic), will this last and is it robust enough or will it break in 5 minutes? 

Buying with conscience is more important than ever and we've done the homework for you, curating a thoughtful selection of our most loved products. Every brand we chose has gone through those same questions and we think they're all worth it.