A Slice of Sadie


Author: Lana Spasevski

Illustrator: Joanie Stone

Say hello to Sadie ... a superstar baker with a big heart!

In this book, Sadie needs to:
- sell her yummy homemade jam at the school fete.
- bake her best friends a birthday cake they will both love.
- perfect an extra Frenchy treat for a farewell party.

But Sadie's sweet intentions do not always go to plan! Her stall isn't cool enough to stand out at the school fete. Her best friends can't agree on their birthday cake. And her French farewell treat is a flop! Can Sadie find a way to save the day?

In these three sprinkle-filled stories (complete with recipes!) the unstoppable Sadie shows that any problem can be solved with generosity, kindness and, of course, a slice of something delicious.

Recommended Age: 6+

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781922863584
Width 150 Millimeters
Height 190 Millimeters
Unit weight 0.207 Kilograms