Amari and the Great Game Book#2


Author: B.B. Alston

Twelve-year-old Amari is a Junior Agent at the Bureau of Supernatural Investigations, where she deals with all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures and has a weredragon as a roommate. But that’s nothing compared to her biggest challenge: being accepted for who she is. For Amari is a magician, and magicians are the sworn enemies of the supernatural world.

After finding her missing brother and saving the entire supernatural world, Amari Peters is convinced her first full summer as a Junior Agent will be a breeze.

But between the fearsome new Head Minister’s strict anti-magician agenda, fierce Junior Agent rivalries, and her brother Quinton’s curse steadily worsening, Amari’s plate is full. So when the secretive League of Magicians offers her a chance to stand up for magiciankind as its new leader, she declines. She’s got enough to worry about!

But her refusal allows someone else to step forward – a magician with dangerous plans for the League. This challenge sparks the start of the Great Game, a competition to decide who will determine the future of magiciankind.

The Great Game is both mysterious and deadly, but among the winner’s magical rewards is Amari’s last hope for lifting Quinton’s curse – so how can she refuse?
An electrifying sequel to the award-winning Amari and the Night Brothers, this captivating fantasy novel is ideal for readers who love magic and mystery. 

  • Amari and the Night Brothers was on the New York Times bestseller list for 31 weeks!

Age Recommendation: 8-12

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781760509897
Number of pages 432
Width 128 Millimeters
Height 198 Millimeters