Aryon on Unicorn

Blueberry blue, ocean blue, sky blue. Aryon and his brave Unicorn from Schleich bayala have a lot in common, and one thing is certain: their favourite color is blue. It might be a coincidence or it could be because they both love water. After all, Aryon is a genuine merman, and, together with his magical friend, he explores the depths of the ocean as well as the depths of your toy box. Unlike the other unicorns, Aryon can swim and dive. He can even use his glittery mane to add buoyancy and to steer. So you don't have to worry about them getting lost. They'll always return to the playroom to show you all their treasures. Last time they even found your long-lost toy figure. And last week Thursday it was a pearl. You don't believe us? Well, ask them yourself - or take a dive with them!