Aussie STEM Stars: Fiona Wood


Author: Cristy Burne

Aussie STEM Stars is an inspiring children's series that celebrates Australia's experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

 *Shortlisted for the Speech Pathology Book of the Year Awards 2021: 8 to 10 Years*

Age range 9 to 14

Fiona Wood is a plastic surgeon whose expertise in burns treatment came to the world's attention in 2002 in the wake of the Bali bombings. 

From defending the weak and fixing the broken to fighting for her chance to study medicine, the story of plastic surgeon and spray-on skin inventor Fiona Wood shows us the value of dreams, hard work, and having the courage to do what is right.

'She revolutionised treatment and outcomes for burns patients around the world – and she continues to work tirelessly in this area, striving for a better future. I think everyone she meets comes away affected and uplifted by her spirit, stamina, generosity and courage. It was an extraordinary honour to work with Fiona to tell her story.' — Cristy Burne

Age Recommendation: 9-14

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781925893281
Number of Pages
168 Pages
Width 129 Millimeters
Height 198 Millimeters

Age Recommendation: 9-14