Baby Doll Caucasian Girl with Down Syndrome 38cm

2021 Winner of the Play for Change Gold Award in the Empowerment Category

2020 Winner of the Best Toy of the Year from the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers 

These Miniland dolls assist children with self-recognition and develops a sense of belonging to groups and communities while respecting culture, diversity and fosters inclusivity for all. 

Like all Miniland Dolls, they can be articulated and are anatomically correct dolls, allowing children to make an important difference between them, thus strengthening knowledge of anatomy and differential features.

Made with Phthalates-free vinyl, they are soft and flexible to the touch and are vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby. Clothing available and sold separately. Made in Spain. 

3.5% of proceeds from sales of the Miniland dolls with Down syndrome range is donated to Down Syndrome Australia.

Recommended Age: 18 months +