Carving Knife Set


High-quality tools for your child as they learn about the careful and precise craftsmanship of wood carving, and appreciate the fine art of how their wooden toys come to life.

Made in: Germany
 1x Carving Knife, 2x (1 Pair) Cut Resistant Gloves, 1x Round Carving Wood, 2x Square Carving Wood
• Real tool expertly designed to be used by little hands
• Incredibly robust, low risk of breakage during use
• Knife has a round neck, straight edge, and ergonomic handle
• Soft wood of different thicknesses, perfect for carving
• Work gloves have a very high cut resistance, allow high dexterity and high wearing comfort

Recommended Age: 4+, under direct adult supervision
WARNING: This item is NOT A TOY and only to be used under direct adult supervision. There is a risk of injury from sharp blades and edges, where there are long strings or ropes, a risk of strangulation, and small parts may pose a choking hazard. Wear appropriate clothing and eye protection where necessary.
For woodcarving.