From My Head to My Toes I Say What Goes


Author: Charlotte Barkla

Illustrator: Jacqui Lee

From My Head to My Toes, I Say What Goes! is a light-hearted exploration of boundaries, nestled in a fun and lively story.

I might say YES to pillow fights;
a kiss when I’m tucked in at night.

I might say NO to climbing high,
a tickling game or a hug goodbye.

The book discusses consent and control for a young audience, through a story that is bold and beautiful, loud and proud.
With the feel-good factor turned up to eleven, it also celebrates individualism, inclusivity and empathy.

From My Head to My Toes, I Say What Goes! comes from the bestselling author of All Bodies Are Good Bodies.

Format Hardback
ISBN 9781760508142
Number of pages 32
Width 244 Millimeters
Height 244 Millimeters
Unit weight 330 Grams