Groove Triple One 3 in 1 - 6 Colour Pencils, Watercolour and Wax Crayon

by Lyra

A 3 in 1 product - watercolour pencil, coloured pencil and wax crayon all in one product. Chunky 15mm pencil with brilliant colour, easy to blend, water soluble, extra thick break-resistant lead, ergonomic natural grip-zone and off set slide guards for thumb index and middle fingers to support an optimal grip.

Quickly becomes a favorite with children for both its versatility and the soft creamy texture and control of colour. Made from PEFC certified wood from consciously managed private and community forests. 

Recommended Age: 3+

Lyra is one of the oldest pencil makers in the world, and has been making pencils since 1806. Moving with the times and grown out of innovation, Lyra continues with the tradition of making world-class quality pencils and art supplies, well loved in schools, and by children and artists around the world