Jane Doe and the Quill of All Tales Book 3


 Author: Jeremy Lachlan

A dangerous new world. An epic new quest. A thrilling new blockbuster entry in the best-selling middle-grade series, The Jane Doe Chronicles. 
Jane Doe is no ordinary girl. A child of three ancient gods, she can control the Manor, a sacred labyrinthine realm between the worlds. But lately, it seems the Manor’s been controlling her – and Jane is terrified of what that could mean. 
But when Jane discovers she’s the rightful heir to a powerful, long-lost relic, she must cast her fears aside and embark on another extraordinary adventure. The relic – the Phantom Quill – is said to grant visions of every future in every world. In the right hands, a tool for good. In the wrong hands, a weapon of chaos. And a power-hungry cult leader is already hot on its trail … 
With her girlfriend, Violet, their pal, Aki, and the mysterious Winifred Robin, Jane must journey through the booby-trapped halls of the Manor to the steamy jungles of Vahru, a land on the edge of ruin. There are quicksand pits. There are swamps. There are ravenous beasts and crumbling, ancient cities. Deadliest of all, though, there's the cult and its prophetic High Priest. Why does he want the Quill so desperately? And why does Jane feature so prominently in his nefarious plans? 
This time, if Jane wants to save the Otherworlds, she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice. 
Destiny – let alone the Manor – may not be on her side, after all ...


    Age Recommendation: 11+

    Format Paperback
    ISBN 9781760501839
    Width 148
    Height 208
    Number of Pages 432