Kensy and Max 2: Disappearing Act


Author: Jacqueline Harvey

 What if you knew your missing parents were alive, but you couldn't tell anyone? How would you find them and who would you trust?

Kensy and Max are now agents-in-training at Pharos, a covert international spy network. Christmas break sees the twins back at Alexandria for training and a celebration like no other, but where are their parents and why can't they come home?

Thankfully, a school trip to Rome provides a welcome distraction. Amid the history and culture of Italy's capital, they discover a runaway boy and whisperings of Mafia involvement. It looks like Kensy and Max's harmless excursion may just turn into their very first mission.

Recommended Age: 9+

Format Paperback
Number of pages 368
Width 129 Millimeters
Thickness 27 Millimeters
Height 197 Millimeters
Unit weight 254 Grams