Kensy and Max 3: Undercover


Author: Jacqueline Harvey

How do you keep your head in the game when someone wants you gone? When those dearest to you are far away and the future is so uncertain . . .

Kensy and Max are back in London for no time at all before things begin to heat up - quite literally. As a result, Granny Cordelia ships them off to Australia on an undercover mission. The twins find themselves planted in a posh Sydney school where first appearances prove to be deceiving.

What seems like a straightforward assignment turns into something so much bigger. Kensy and Max must employ all their spy skills - the fate of their parents, and who they've been searching for, depends on it.

Recommended Age: 9+

Format Paperback
Number of pages 400
Width 129 Millimeters
Thickness 29 Millimeters
Height 196 Millimeters
Unit weight 286 Grams