Lyra Pencils Rembrant Aquarelle Watercolour Pencils 12

by Lyra

First draw then paint like with watercolours. LYRA Rembrandt Watercolor Pencils can be mixed with water and have a high pigment content.

The colour palette ranges from the strongest tones to the subtlest of nuances. Lines can be dissolved and harmonious blending achieved using a wet brush. 

The LYRA Rembrandt Watercolor Pencils satisfy the highest artistic requirements.

12-Tin Colours: 01 White, 07 Lemon, 13 Light Orange, 21 Pale Geranium Lake, 26 Dark Carmine, 44 Light Cobalt, 51 Prussian Blue, 67 Sap Green, 70 Apple Green, 76 Van Dyke Brown, 90 Venetian Red, 99 Black

Made in Germany