Magic Awry


Author: Sarah Armstrong

In this thrilling sequel to middle-grade fantasy adventure BIG MAGIC, a young magician will do whatever it takes to save magic – but at what cost?

Eleven-year-old Tulsi comes from a long line of women magicians, and loves doing Big Magic. Every night in her family’s circus show, she turns twigs into trees, flies like a bird, and even disappears into thin air. But one night, in the middle of a show, she loses her powers – with frightening results.
Tulsi’s powers soon come back, but she can’t risk losing them again – and her search for what went wrong soon takes her all the way into a parallel universe, where she discovers that magic everywhere is in danger. The natural world is falling out of balance, and a band of rogue magicians are stripping magic from women. They're led by a powerful magician who knows Tulsi very well … and who has a dark plan for her magic, too. 

Tulsi’s convinced she’s the only one who can stop the rogues, and save magic across the universes. But what if that means giving up her own power?

A compelling read full of twists and turns from beloved author Sarah Armstrong, MAGIC AWRY is perfect for readers aged 9+.

Format Paperback
ISBN 9781760508449
Number of pages 288
Width 128 Millimeters
Height 198 Millimeters