Plug into Nature Activity Book


A fun and educational activity book focusing on nature, biodiversity and the world around us. Children get an introduction to the world of flora and fauna and are encouraged to unplug from the digital world and connect to the natural world around them.

If children open their eyes to the world around them, they will discover, learn and connect with the wonders that they see.

We all need time to explore, discover and connect. We need time out from the busy times in our life to recharge our mind and bodies. This activity book has lots of fun activities to help children connect with nature and learn about the natural world and green spaces around them.


*Mindfulness activities

*Nature treasure hunt and art and craft activities

*Nature based maths activities

*Bird and animal ID activities

*Wildlife survey activity

*Introduction to botany

*Beach biodiversity activities

*Water bug ID activity

*Introducing ecosystems

*Creative writing and poetry activities.

* A4 size, bright colourful cover with 40 black and white inside pages to encourage your child to colour in illustrations and to add their own illustrations

* A workbook of their very own that they can personalise and be inspired by

An ideal resource for the classroom or home. 

In a classroom setting each student would have their own personalised activity book to complete. The activities encourage learning to take place outside the classroom while exploring and engaging in the environment around you. 

Reviewed by primary school teachers

* Proudly designed and printed in Australia