Round and Round Goes Mother Nature 48 Stories of Life Cycles Around the World

Author: Gabby Dawnay
Illustrator:  Margaux Samson-Abadie
 This truly beautiful and wonderfully illustrated book introduces children to the magic of nature, through the stories of 48 fascinating life cycles. Every story has a beginning, middle and end and so does everything in our world. From a frog, to a cloud in the sky to a twinkling star at night, discover the stories of the most amazing of life cycles between you and outer space. This is a book to show children that the world is always turning, and change is happening all the time, its in the turning of the season, sometimes its as fast as a hatching egg and sometimes its a slow as a growing mountain. 48 story spreads tell fascinating stories of all sorts of lifecycles, from very small, to out of this world.This captivating book will transport children across the globe, teaching them about just how mother nature keeps everything in our world turning round, and round.
Format Hardback
ISBN 9780711279766
Number of pages 112
Width 259 Millimeters
Height 304 Millimeters
Unit weight 0.94 Kilograms