Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris #2


Author: Kate Knapp

'A visual delight and the charming tales are perfect for bedtime reading...Sometimes one should read a book in order to be transported to a world of delicate bird eggs, colourful caravans and chickens enjoying French lessons - bliss!'

Ruby Red Shoes and her grandmother are on holiday in Paris!

Ruby is fizzing with excitement; her smart red shoes are aflutter as she explores cafes and markets dotted along cobblestone streets.

Ruby practises her French, eats buttered baguettes, and beetles around on a scooter with a special new friend who shows her the sights.

It is a time she will treasure forever.

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris follows Kate Knapp's critically-acclaimed and bestselling debut, Ruby Red Shoes. Treasure them both.

Ruby Red Shoes

Shortlisted - 2013 Children's Book Council of Australia Crichton Award for Children's Book Illustrations

Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris

Shortlisted - 2014 Australian Book Industry Award for Book of the Year for Younger Children

Shortlisted - 2014 Inaugural Readings Children's Book Prize

Format Hardback
ISBN 9780732297619
Number of pages 48
Width 170 Millimeters
Thickness 12 Millimeters
Height 236 Millimeters
Unit weight 320 Grams