The First Summer of Callie McGee


Author: A. L. Tait

 'The water in a rip current is always calmer than the waves on either side. Once in it, you’re best just to go with the flow.' It’s the last summer before Callie starts high school and she’s been dragged along to yet another ‘family friends’ holiday. Determined to change her nerdy reputation, Callie sets out to make waves—but nothing is quite as she expects. Her usual ally, Sasha, has outgrown Callie; her nemesis, Mitch, has brought his cousin Owen along; and the boring south coast town of Sawyer’s Point has been rocked by a series of burglaries. Callie, Owen and Mitch decide to investigate the robberies, bringing them face to face with a local gang ... and a possible ghost. But when Sasha goes missing, Callie must draw on all her smarts to find her friend, and discovers that being Callie McGee has its benefits. A middle-grade mystery about growing up, figuring things out, and solving the puzzle of who you are.

Age Recommendation: 10+

Format Paperback
Number of pages 208
Width 197 Millimeters
Thickness 16 Millimeters
Height 130 Millimeters
Unit weight 0.2 Kilograms