The Gumnut Land Adventures: The Deluxe Edition

Author: May Gibbs

 This is the story of Scotty the Scottish Terrier. It tells how he went to Gumnut Land and what befell him there ... Scotty wasn’t very happy in his home in the Big Bad City. It was very dull sitting about for hours and hours, always on the wrong side of the gate. Then on one fateful day, the gate was left open. This was Scotty’s chance! Out of the garden he ran and into magical world of Gumnut Land. Scotty’s adventures take him all around the Australian Bush, into the Valley of the Caves, the friendly hustle and bustle of Gumnut Town and beyond! Join Scotty on his journey and meet a fantastical cast of creatures: Mr and Mrs Bear, Bib and Bub, Old Bill, the terrific Tiggy Touchwood and Miffrend of Squeaking House.
Format Hardback
Number of pages 208
Width 236 Millimeters
Thickness 22 Millimeters
Height 288 Millimeters
Unit weight 1.32 Kilograms