The Secret Explorers and the Moon Mission


Author: SJ King

 Meet the Secret Explorers! Children will be inspired to discover the world with these character-driven adventure stories for children aged 7 to 9 years old

Blast off into space with this lunar themed instalment of DK Books' new educational fiction series for children.

Meet the Secret Explorers - a band of brainiac kids from all around the world. Everyone in this diverse group of young experts has a speciality, from outer space to dinosaurs, and each story follows a character who gets chosen for a "secret exploration".

In this fun, fact-filled children's book, space expert Roshni and geology expert Cheng blast off into outer space on a mission to the Moon. There they must navigate the dangerous terrain to rescue a lunar rover that has become stuck in a crater. But after a bumpy landing, the kids find themselves facing a much bigger problem... Along the way the Secret Explorers pilot a space buggy, collect important rock samples, and learn about the astronauts of the past.

Recommended Age: 7-9

Format Paperback
Number of pages 128
Width 135 Millimeters
Thickness 10 Millimeters
Height 199 Millimeters
Unit weight 113 Grams